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General Contracting &
Construction Management

Today’s construction environment is different.  Rising construction cost, changing structural and
environmental standards, and cash flow constraints pose serious challenges.  Creed Construction is
focused on positively addressing these challenges head on.

Creed Construction has implemented a key component for success through a unique system of lightweight
AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks and panels. Although you may not be familiar with AAC, it has
been a favored building material in Europe and many other countries for over 80 years. It has been used in
Florida for many years as well as many buildings in the DFW area.  Designed for durability, versatility, and
fast track construction, AAC delivers superior thermal and acoustic performance.  Wall surfaces maintain
more uniform temperatures and produce noticeably a quieter and energy efficient structure.  Some of the
other direct benefits include:
  •  Reduced Energy cost
  •  4-hour UL Fire Resistant rating
  •  Can significantly reduce construction time and labor cost
  •  Termite & Mold Resistant
  •  Environmentally friendly and non pollutant material
  •  Structural panels can reduce steel requirements
  •  Earth friendly manufacturing & Earth friendly disposal or recycling

Given the current environment and expected new direction for the country, we feel this product is perfectly
suited to address and resolve the construction challenges of today and the future.  This product will not only
address our current environmental concerns but will positively impact the consumer concerns as it relates to
the economic and maintenance of construction.

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